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Monday, January 31

Girls Rock Blog Hop

Join us for our 1st Girls Rock Blog Hop.
Hosted by Living Smart Girl, Sited and Blogged, and My Fitness World.

Girls Rock Blog Hop is for all Girls.. Who ROCK!! You know who you are. A Girl, Wife, Mother, Aunt, Cousin, Grandma, Sister, Friend, WAHM, SAHM, Business Woman, ETC. If you are a Girl.. Then you ROCK!! Where would the world be without us Girls? It would be full of MEN... OH NO!! ;) hehe

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You can enter all week long, and the blog hop will reset and start all over every Monday.

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Monday Motivation

Ok put your scales in the closet and shut the door. If you don't weigh yourself then you will never let yourself down. Keep doing what you are doing and let your clothes do the talking. That is my Monday Motivation speech!!!

                     PUT IT AWAY!!!!

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Sunday, January 30

Sunday Blog Hop!!!

This Sunday Blog Hop is linked up!!!

Welcome to Relax & Surf Sunday, with your hostesses and Shibley Smiles! This is a great blog hop for everyone to make new friends! You can find some new blogs to check out, and also get your blog out there and gain some new followers.

So let the HOPPING begin!!!!
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Thursday, January 27

Traveling Through Thursday Blog Hop

Visit to start Traveling Through!!! Happy Hopping!!! Please leave a comment letting me know you stopped buy, so I can follow you back. Thank you!!!


Wednesday, January 26

Shopping @

Save Money. Enjoy Life

To start shopping for all your fitness needs scroll down and click on the Left Lane Sports banner at the bottom of my blog. Left Lane Sports is an exclusive members-only site featuring leading Outdoor and Fitness brands at up to 70% OFF retail. So you will have to sign-up. Don't worry it FREE to become a member. I have looked at their fitness work out clothes and they rock. They have everything! So go check them out!!!
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Tuesday, January 25

Follow Me Back Tuesday Blog Hop


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Under Construction....

My blog will be going under the design. I will be getting a make-over!!!! YEAH!!! So please bear with me and don't mind the mess. I love seeing some many people hop by, while blog hopping, and leaving comments. Thank you!!!! I can't wait to have my new blog up and running...... hehehehe We're going to exercise my blog big time when it recovers!!! So a big thank you goings out to Shibley Smiles for doing my design. Big warm hugs from Minnesota!!!! So keep leaving me comments and don't forget about my giveaway that is going on.

Monday, January 24

Mingle Monday

Its a Monday Blog Hop called "Mingle Monday"!!!! Lets make some friends!!! And please leave me some love and your linky so people can hop to your blog for a visit. Enjoy your Monday everyone. Big hugs from, My Fitness World!!!


Sunday, January 23



This is the best way to make new blogger friends and see all the giveaways that are out there. Enjoy your Sunday blog hopping! Leave me a comment and leave your linky too.


Saturday, January 22

Weekend Blog Hop

Its A Weekend Blog Hop!!!
Yeah!!!! I Love Blog Hops.



Click on the image to go check it out!!!!!


Friday, January 21

Friday Blog Hopping


Its A Social Parade.....

Smart and Trendy Moms 

Its a social Parade!!!! This is fun! I'm new to all this blogging stuff and I love visiting fellow bloggers pages. I can't believe how many blogs their are out there. Some of them are really helpful. I want my blog to be a place where you can get your fitness questions answered and help you pick the right workout for you. I love to dance and teach Zumba. If you have any questions on Zumba or exercise please feel free to ask, so I can help you. I love to help people and give advice. I also what to start product reviews for my followers. So coming soon to My Fitness World will be product Reviews and giveaways..... Exciting stuff is about to happen here! So stay turned!


The kit includes items you can use for strength training and cardio training.
FitKit is a great product that has the basic exercise essentials all in one awesome pouch. Great for traveling, being bored at the office, or working out at a dorm that doesn't have a fit room.

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Choose You Workout Kit Worth $30!

  • Win a Health Prize Pack from Choose You which includes a pedometer and calorie counter, resistance band and jump rope, a Choose You t-shirt and flower pin, All Valued @ $30! (Ends 1/22, US ONLY)

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    Wednesday, January 19

    Wordless Wednesday....

    This is me working out at home.
    Anyone else in the same boat?

    Tuesday, January 18



    WOW, Zumba is really hot right now. Class sizes are growing and people are talkin' about how much fun Zumba is. Last night was my biggest class ever at Studio K, their were 25 people in class... It was awesome!!!! Zumba is such a fun way to exercise!!! If you love to dance and move then try a class! The winters are so long here in Minnesota and to cold to get out and walk or run. Their are some days that the sun does not shine, and the best way to chase away the winter blues and brightin up the day, is to dance. Dancing makes me smile and feel so free!!! You don't have to know the steps or have rhythm to Zumba. Just move!!!! It feels so good to move... If you don't like big class sizes then look up a Curves for Women and take a Zumba class in the circuit. This is a 30 min. dance/strength training class. You dance for 1 min then switch to the machine for 1 min then back to the dancing. It is a lot of fun and class sizes are small and theirs not a lot of jumping and moving around. Contact a Curves for a FREE week. If money is tight and you can't join a gym, studio or club, then buy the Zumba game for the wii, xbox or ps3 and do Zumba in your living room. Up to 4 people can play the game at the same time. You can also buy Zumba DVDs. And remember, if you are trying to lose weight, stop weighing your self..... Go by how your cloths fit. Find that pair of pants or dress you want to fit into and try it on every week. If you weigh your self you will gain weight and then feel like a failure. Women gain weight at that time of the month. We go up and down in weight all the time. Weight should not be a thought, how you feel and how your cloths fit should be the thought. Being healthy is a lifestyle change. Change your life by adding dance to it. Dance for 30 days and see how happy you are in that time frame. Set a side all those feelings of, "I can't dance", "I feel stupid" and just go with it. If you have it, SHAKE IT!!!! LOVE YOUR CURVES!!!! THEY ARE WHAT MAKES YOU, YOU!!!!

    Be Happy and Healthy at the sametime!


    Sunday, January 16


    OK, every week I will be posting up a word. Lets see what we can do with it. I want you to leave a comment on how this word works for you and how you are going to use this word for the week. Here is this weeks word; "IMPROVE".

    What are you going to improve on?
    How are you going to improve?



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    Click HERE to go to my aStore on If you want me to look up and add something for you, just leave me a comment on what you want.  I will also hunt for the deals and steals on Amazon. So make sure you keep checking back with me. Please follow my blog, and grab my button and add to our sidebar, so you can remember how to get back here. Thank you for stopping by and looking through my finds. 


    Friday, January 14

    What I have on my blog

    Check out what I have on my blog. I have found some shoes that would work for Zumba and really pretty hip scarves. Scroll down and brouse. I also have some MP3 downloads. If need to buy the Zumba Wii fitness game you can buy it here off of my page. Along with P90X, Turbo Jam, Hip Hop Abs and much more. My goal is to search the internet for fitness tips, info and produces. Please make my blog your fitness go to, for info and tips. If you would like me to find something let me know. Have fun and enjoy my blog! Thank you for stopping by.

    Wednesday, January 12

    Fitness Magazine, my profile!!!

    Check out my profile on  How cool is this. They have posted my profile from IDEA on their website. Now their's more ways to find where I'm at. Wooohoooo!!!!

    Let me know what you think about my profile? What I should add more of?

    Sunday, January 9

    Get Your Groove Back

    Get ready for the new Curves® Circuit with Zumba Fitness®. The only 30-minute class that mixes the moves of Zumba® with the proven strength of training of Curves for a wildly effective workout. You’ll tone up, burn hundreds of calories, and have so much fun you won’t even realize you’re working out! Classes are filling up quickly. Click here to find a club near you.


    Thursday, January 6

    Last Day!!!!

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