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conventional foods vs organic foods

My Fitness World: conventional foods vs organic foods

Sunday, May 22

conventional foods vs organic foods

Are organic foods more nutritious than conventional foods?
by Matt Brzycki

Even though organic foods are more expensive than conventional foods, many people don't seem to mind paying a higher price for them because they feel they are healthier and nutritious. But are they really better than conventional foods when it comes to nutritional value?

Bell Peppers   

British researchers examined 55 studies that were deemed to be of satisfactory quality. The studies analyzed 100 different foods and presented data on 455 nutrients and relevant substances that the researchers grouped into 98 nutrient categories.

It was found that organic and conventional foods are comparable in their nutrient content. In other words, conventional foods are just as nutritious as organic foods.

Not to be overlooked, however, is the fact that organic foods control the use of chemicals in crop production (such as herbicides and pesticides) and medicines in animal production (such as antibiotics and growth hormones). 

So that has it organic and conventional foods are both nutritious, but organic foods are cleaner and are chemical free. I thought I would share this with my readers. I found this articular in my american FITNESS magazine. I know a lot of you live clean healthy lives and organic foods are all you buy. And some live on a budget and can't afford organic foods so they buy conventional foods. Now they know that conventional foods are as nutritious as organic foods. It's the chemicals that make the difference.  

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