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Should I Work Out If I'm Sore?

My Fitness World: Should I Work Out If I'm Sore?

Tuesday, December 14

Should I Work Out If I'm Sore?

Q: What are the rules for working out when you're still really sore from the day before?
Jillian Michaels A:  You should NOT train a muscle that's sore. The reason for this is that your body interprets exercise as stress; it's during the recovery time when the real work is being done. Think of exercise as the architect and recovery as the builder. If you work a muscle too soon after a training session, therefore, you will just break it down.
Also, you shouldn't be sore for more than two days after a workout; if you are, you may have a slight injury or muscle strain. If this is the case, take it easy and give that muscle time to heal before training it again.
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