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Motivational Tips

My Fitness World: Motivational Tips

Sunday, December 12

Motivational Tips

Try not to set unrealistic expectations for yourself. Don't try and seek perfection. Be realistic with your goals and your body type. Remember, it is about living healthy and being the best person you can be. Assess your natural body type, embrace it, and set your goals accordingly. It’s much more important to find away to be happy with yourself than to be ultra driven. You only live once.                       By:  Teigh McDonough

Just be patient. Everyone's body is different. Your body might just be holding on to the fat because of a sluggish or stubborn metabolism. With consistency and eating right, it will come off! It may take longer than six weeks, but it will happen.                                   By: Debbie Siebers' Corner

Often, people fail at their fitness routines because their expectations of what they must do to be fit are overwhelming. Begin with simple goals and gradually build up to more challenging ones. For example, "I will work out for 10 minutes today" is much more doable than, "I must work out at the gym every day for one hour." In the face of such a challenge, many people fail by day one or two, and give up! Ask yourself, "What is doable for me right now in terms of fitness activity?"
                                                                      By: Donna Richardson Joyner

These are some of the trainers, "Motivational" tips, at Beachbody. They really do care and so do I. Why does being "Healthy" have to be so hard? Maybe its our unrealistic expectations of ourselves. We think we should look a certain way and eat a certain way. But the truth is..... We are all different and have different body types and that is why healthy fitness is so hard. Not just one workout or healthy diet works for everyone. To make fitness and health right for you, you have to pick what works for you. What MOTIVATES you? What makes you HAPPY? What are your GOALS and what helps you STAY ON TRACK? In this New Year of 2011, please think about your health and let me, help you achieve your goals.                                                



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