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Surprising Benefits of Protein

My Fitness World: Surprising Benefits of Protein

Thursday, March 31

Surprising Benefits of Protein

You know that protein is important. It plays a number of different roles in the body: it repairs body cells, builds and repairs muscles and bones, provides a source of energy, and controls many of the important processes in your body related to metabolism. But that's not all. Read on to learn protein's less well-known benefits.

It can help you make better food choices. Eating protein at each meal helps you feel fuller longer, which means that you won't reach for high-fat or high-sugar foods throughout the day because you're feeling hungry.

It may enhance post-exercise recovery. Recent studies have shown a relationship between protein intake and decreased fatigue between workouts.

It can put you in a good mood. Keeping a stable blood sugar level is essential to boosting your mood. Protein — combined with healthy carbohydrates — slows digestion, which can help you avoid blood sugar crashes.

No matter what your age, gender, or workout goal, protein is a vital nutrient important for overall health.

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