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Don't Have Time for Cardio

My Fitness World: Don't Have Time for Cardio

Monday, December 20

Don't Have Time for Cardio

Ask Jillian Michaels
Q: I have really young kids and am struggling to find time for a 45-minute cardio workout. Would I get the same benefits from breaking up my cardio into shorter intervals on the treadmill?
Jillian Michaels A:  Well, not really, and here's why: The longer the cardio session, the better the afterburn. "Afterburn" is technically known as post-exercise oxygen consumption, and what that fancy term refers to is your elevated metabolism after a workout. Afterburn can last anywhere from 15 minutes to 48 hours, depending on the intensity and duration of your workout — therefore, if you break up your cardio, you'll burn the same number of calories during training, but you'll minimize the number of calories lost because of afterburn.
If you really have to break up your cardio, all is not lost — but the truth is, you'd be better off finding something for the kids to do for 45 minutes while you get your treadmill on.

My two cents on this Question.... 

Or you can buy the Zumba Fitness® game for, Wii, PS3 or XBox and make working out a family fun time. Turn on the radio and dance around the house with your kids or join a gym and go to a group fitness class for 45 mins. There is so many options out there on fitness. Don't let kids and a busy life be the reason why you don't get healthy.



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