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Try One Week Free, our Gift to You!

My Fitness World: Try One Week Free, our Gift to You!

Wednesday, March 9

Try One Week Free, our Gift to You!

 This is a great way to exercise! Just 30 minutes, that is it. Look for a Curves in your area today to get your FREE WEEK!!! Just try it! This is not just for old people and its not just a club, its a fitness club! Click on the banner and make every minute count. There is also Zumba now at Curves! I teach the Zumba Fitness in the Circuit at Curves and it is so much fun! I know its hard to find the time to exercise and if you have small kids at home its hard to just go to the gym with them. Curves is open at nights, so get your spouse to watch them for just 40 minutes (drive time to Curves and drive time back home). Take some time for you!!! So what are you waiting for? Click on the banner and learn how and where to start your, "ME TIME"!!!

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