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Wednesday Workout Blog Hop {with Linky} #5

My Fitness World: Wednesday Workout Blog Hop {with Linky} #5

Wednesday, March 9

Wednesday Workout Blog Hop {with Linky} #5

This is a workout blog hop for Wednesdays! You will receive workout tips, exercise ideas and healthy food ideas from My Fitness World , Lets Move It Mamma's & Living Smart Girl, plus work on your followers!!! Fitness and Health doesn't have to be boring or hard. It can be fun and enjoyable. Fitness is my life and I totally love it. I am a certified group fitness instructor through {NETA}. I teach 11 fitness classs a week and love every minute of it. 


1. Follow My Fitness World, Lets Move It Mamma's & Living Smart Girl
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3. Grab our button and post it up on your blog, linking back to our hop.
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Tell us your favorite exercise and why?
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And Have Fun!!!

Here is your Wednesday workout exercise:

Squat POP

Stand with feet together, arms by sides. Bend elbows, bringing hands in front of shoulders. Step right foot out to side and lower into a squat, knees bent 90 degrees.
Jump straight up, bringing legs together and extending arms slighhtly behind you. Quickly step left foot out to side and lower into squat, bending elbows to bring hands in front of shoulders to complete 1 rep.
Continue briskly alternating sides for 30 seconds.

Do 3 sets of reps.
Reps {12}

Eat a post-exercise snack

Ideally, you should have used most of your stored glycogen to finish your workout. You now have a window between 15 minutes and one hour after exercise when your body is at its peak to absorb nutrients (up to four times better than at any other time). You want to eat a small snack during this period that is four parts carbohydrates to one part protein. The high carb content is because your body wants to replenish its glycogen stores as quickly as possible. This will speed up your recovery and make you less sore. A little protein kick starts muscle resynthesis as well. Keep this meal very light, under 300 calories, and it should allow you to recover and keep you from getting hungry until you eat a proper meal, two to three hours later.

My Fitness World Zumba Instructor



At March 8, 2011 at 6:16 PM , Blogger said...

I love the tips. I sometimes wonder what I should be eating after a good workout. Some say protein, some say carbs. Thanks for the tip. I don't have a favorite exercise. It varies on my mood. I just want to be outside. If I'm exercising outside, I'm happy.

At March 9, 2011 at 8:16 AM , Blogger Sarah Lynne said...

Hello. I am a New Follower from MWBH. Have a great day!!



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