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Thursday Tone Up

My Fitness World: Thursday Tone Up

Thursday, February 3

Thursday Tone Up

Lets Tone Up

What you need; a resistance band or a resistance tube with handles, and a yoga mat.

Resistance bands and tubes range from light resistance (the equivalent of a 3-5 pound dumbbell) to high (a 20-pound dumbbell or heavier).
The yellow tube with handles are the lightest resistance; move up to a color-coded band with higher resistance as you get fitter.

You can do so much with resistance bands. You can target your upper back and shoulders, Abs and obliques, butt and quads, even your biceps and triceps.

What makes workout with resistance bands the best 30 minute workout? It counters the effects of gravity, which is constantly pulling us down and forward and it engages the whole body to burn more calories plus targets your core to cinch your waist and straighten your posture.

So get out your resistance bands or go buy some, and start working out. Start out small and work your way up the bands. This is something you can do while watching TV...... So lets Tone up on Thursday at My Fitness World!

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At February 3, 2011 at 7:44 AM , Anonymous Free Resistance Bands Workouts said...

I think a lot of people get the impression that the only thing you can do with resistance bands is stand on them and do biceps curls. If you get a good set with clips on the end, a door anchor and ankle straps, you can do total body workouts.

At February 3, 2011 at 8:51 AM , Blogger Christina Lucas said...

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