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Tips On How To Get Organized and Save Money

My Fitness World: Tips On How To Get Organized and Save Money

Saturday, March 12

Tips On How To Get Organized and Save Money

Who needs to down size and get organized? How about get ready for a Yard Sale? Well I have some tips to help you do all of this and save money at the same time!

I had a lady in class this morning who gave me some really great ideas on how to get organized and get ready for a yard sale all in one step. Here is the advice she gave me; 1. Go to Costco or Sam's and get free strawberry boxes, because they are big enough to put things in and they stack really nicely. Label the boxes as shirts or shoes or what ever you what to put in them and put a price tag on the box at the same time. Saying .50 or $1.00 and put what you want to sale in the box, then put it on a shelf or stack it in the garage. Then grab another box label it and tag it and fill it, then stack it on top of the other box. And keep doing this until all boxes are full, labeled and stacked. 2. Go to your nearest dry cleaners and ask for free hangers. Go through the closets and hang all the coats, snow bibs and jackets, dresses etc... that you would like to sale or put away, then hang them on the free hangers and hang them by your boxes that you have stacked up. If you want you can invest in a wire shelving unit at Lowe's or home depot and put it in the garage or down in a spare room and stack all the free boxes full of stuff on the shelves and hang the hangers at the end of the wire shelves. You can get the wire shelves that have 4 or 5 shelves and you can get 3 to 4 strawberry boxes stack on top of each other across the shelve(so that is allot of boxes on each shelf). Just think of all the stuff you can put in those boxes.... Books stack real nicely in those boxes and shoes lay nicely in them too. And as you go through the house you can put items in what ever box you want. And when its time for your yard sale then take out the boxes and set them out on tables or tarps and let people start shoppin'. Tell everyone that what ever is in the box mark .50 is .50 each and what every is in the $1.00 box is a buck each and so on.....

Monday I will be stopping by my nearest Costco and picking up some FREE boxes (strawberry ones) to start decluttering my house and getting ready to sale my goods in a yard sale this coming Spring. I probably will invest in a shelving unit to put in my junk room so I can organizes my junk!!!! This is so much better then putting everything in a bag and storing it in the garage or up in the rafters. I told the lady this morning that she needed to write a book on how to declutter on a dime... She laughed and said, "I talk to much and I can't write fast enough to keep up". So I decided to write a blog post about these tips. I will take pictures of my project when I get done and post it up so everyone can see what it looks like. I have 4 girls and allot of clothes and toys they don't wear or play with that I need to get rid of. My house is over flowing with stuff. Who's with me on this one? I have enough shoes to cover 100 little feet. I have enough pairs of jeans to make 4 queen size comforters. Its amazing how much stuff we accumulate over the years with kids. I need to simplify my life and my house. Wish me luck on my new

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